Conferences & Events

Conferences & Events

Audio Hire are here to help when planing any conferences & events. The right audiovisual equipment will  deliver the right impact to your attendees. Therefore Audio Hire have the right equipment to ensure any conferences and events con go to plan and run smoothly.

Conference& Event equipment

Audio Hire has an extensive amount of equipment available for rental. Our inventory  including everything from laptops to projectors, tablets, screens and lighting equipment. We will help our customers make a success of their event with the wide array of products that we have available.

Conference & Event support

Additionally extra support for conferences and events is easy with the help of our transportation solutions. If you need transport at your event, we can deliver support through our transportation subsidiary company Corporation Hire.

Conference & Event packages

With a wealth of conferences and event packages available you can get everything including staging, microphones, projectors, speakers, and more. We offer the best  support for full conference and event packages as well as simple equipment rental.

Particularly if you are interested in capturing video or images of your conference or event we can even offer the use of professional film cameras. Our solutions are extremely flexible and mean  you always have the equipment on hand to make your event a success. Through the use of our equipment rentals it is possible to ensure you have access to the right, professional equipment.

Therefore Contact our staff today if you are planning a conference or event and we can point you in the right direction of the finest equipment that can make your event a success.