Festival AV Equipment

If you are planning a festival or throwing an outdoor event we can provide all festival AV equipment. Together with Audio Hire we can help start planning your event today. If you would like to talk to someone in detail contact us today for further advice.

AV Experts

Audio Hire have a number of experts that can help set up your set up your festival or outdoor event. Audio Hire is fully licensed and have a number of years experience of working on outdoor events. With this in mind we can handle the process of getting your event set up and to all required legal standards.

AV Equipment

AV professionals will be on hand to make sure that everything is done to a high standard and meet all safety requirements. Audio Hire can provide everything from lighting, speakers and full stage setup for your event. Whether you plan a yearly festival or one off event, our services can help your event run smoothly. Audio Hire has the experience of working on a variety of outdoor parties, corporate events and festivals in the past.


If confidently is wanted when setting up your event, Audio Hire are the right company to call. Audio Hire helps you to find all of the audiovisual equipment and festival risers that are required for your event.

Given these points feel free to Contact our staff for further help. Without delay they can explain our services in detail and how we can help set up at your event.