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This candy floss machine and cart will make childhood dreams come true...

What’s more delicious to look at - is it candy floss, or is it this gorgeous retro machine?

Thankfully that’s a decision you won’t need to make, because you can have both when you buy this pretty, pink, large bowl professional KuKoo electric candy floss maker.

The perfect extra guest at parties and events both large and small, bring this candy floss machine along to fetes, school discos, birthday parties and more, because there are very few places this machine won’t be a very welcome addition.


Makes a party's worth of candy floss in one go!

It has a large 50cm stainless steel bowl which will hold a whole lot of ingredients and turn it all into an industrial amount of fresh cotton candy.

It has simple controls: an easy access on/off switch and a heat switch are all you need to master to make fluffy, magical candy floss.