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It’s a popcorn making machine with its very own cart, so you too can make delicious popcorn any time you want to, wherever you want to, whether you’re watching a film or not.

All kinds of events can be improved with the addition of this KuKoo 8oz popcorn maker and cart. You can take it anywhere you want to, and make new friends wherever you go, because it’s an indisputable fact that everyone loves popcorn.

Even better than just popcorn is popcorn that comes from a machine that makes it as well as this and looks as good doing it. With minimum fuss and maximum style, this popcorn machine and cart is ready for any party or any other occasion at all, from renting a film at home to a big social event with loads of popcorn-loving kids to entertain.

With its 8 ounce kettle is can produce approx 11.5 litres of popcorn in one go, and up to approx 190 litres per hour, which is more than enough for any party.

Even when it’s not being used, the cart and machine combo is an eye-catching talking point for any room.